Overseas Missions

Growing the church

City Revival Church

Overseas Missions

City Revival Church is active in helping spread the word to the less privileged countries where they have little to no knowledge about the word of God. Our overseas missions aim to build the Lord’s presence in these places and to share the Lord’s blessings. These are the missions that we are currently running.

The Philippines

Philippines Mission

The Young Warriors is a uniform group under a register NGO, “Empowering Young Warriors Asia.” Its mission is to engage, empower and equip underprivileged children with the values of honesty, integrity, and loyalty to the Philippines through character, physical, mental and spiritual developmental programs.


Myanmar Mission

City Revival Evangelism for Myanmar (CREM). CREM is tasked to promote the reading of the word to the churches in Myanmar using Solid Food ministry. It also organizes disciple training and miracle healing services. 

Green Fields

Green Fields

Three churches from the Green Fields nations are in the process of being trained and integrated into the Solid Food network. They will be equipped with teaching material as well as training to exercise spiritual gifts.